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The IDF opened a new front in the war in Gaza (2.0), and now Facebook and Twitter are just more grounds to conquer.

The battle is fierce.

Commander-in-Chief: The IDF’s Facebook page.

Infantry:  Jews all around the world, liberal and less liberal.

Weapons Used: Pictures of attractive soldiers, scared children, and impressive graphic representations of carefully selected statistics, all with guilt-inducing texts.

Casualties: Journalism ethics.

So, my dear peace-loving, Obama-voting, coexistence-advocating friends, there are a few things I need you to know:

  1. The IDF’s facebook and twitter do not count as news sources and reading them doesn’t make you more aware of anything. They are often lying to you and you need to understand more than just what the IDF thinks if you’re going to have an opinion on this. Do you go to the US military’s facebook when you want to learn more about what’s happening in Iraq? No. Because that doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Reposting IDF pictures/posts is not helping peace/justice/security/any of those things you say you support. It just helps the IDF do whatever the fuck it wants without giving a shit about how many Palestinians and Israelis are going to die because of it.
  3. The people you’re actually supporting by repeating meaningless statements about Israel’s right to defend itself are politicians such as Netanyahu and other right-wing racist warmongers who couldn’t care less about the safety of people in the south of Israel (who were unsafe also a year ago and two years ago, except then it didn’t seem to worry Netanyahu and his buddies). They care about getting reelected and about keeping Israel in a constant state of war because war is their expertise and if Israel had peace we wouldn’t need military experts and they wouldn’t get elected. Actually, if it wasn’t for this comfortably-timed war, people would probably still be talking and voting on things they cared about until all of this started, things like the financial crisis, the rising cost of living, and the increasing difficulty to make ends meet (aka things that would make them not vote for Netanyahu.)
  4. To make it clearer: if this was about the US, you’d be the people who support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because they think the most important thing is to support the US government and fight whatever war they say is just. Those are the people in Israel you are aligning yourself with. Here’s a brief example of what supporting this war looks like. Think hard if these are the people you want to be supporting.
  5. “Supporting Israel” doesn’t mean anything because “Israel” is not one big lump of cells all working together to attack Gaza. Israelis don’t all agree. “Israel” doesn’t have a Facebook page where you can see exactly what we all think and want. I know, it sucks when things are complicated, but they are. You can support the Israeli government, but don’t pretend that you’re defending Israel. You’re not. You’re defending Netanyahu’s right to save his seat in the government. You’re defending a war. You’re defending policy that makes peace less and less likely to happen in Israel.
  6. You are not being liberal. You are not being alternative. You are not being smart. You are not being subversive. You are definitely not being peaceful. You are being played by racist idiots who know exactly what buttons to push because it’s their job to make people like you advocate for their wars.
  7. If you want to support peace, here’s a radical idea: object wars. Even if the IDF told you that there is no other way.



Some *actual* news sources where they have actual news and not just catchphrases with cool, inspiring pictures:

Al Jazeera English

+972 Magazine


The Electronic Intifada

Democracy Now

+Extra special bonus suggestion:

Do your research about the last time Israel defended itself against Gaza. This time seems to be terribly reminiscent. Google “Gaza War“/”Operation Cast Lead“/”Gaza Massacre“, and you are promised to find interesting things. Wikipedia is always a good place to start.


See you in the next justified war.


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